Rimborsoalvolo.it assert your traveller rights.

Rimborsoalvolo.it collaborates with a network of professionals specialised in European transport law. Today, thanks to European Union legislation and the issue of regulations that are directly applicable in EU members states one may exercise a series of rights and guarantees with a much higher degree of effectiveness.

With Rimborsoalvolo.it you can eyou can exercise your rights as a traveller against airline companies that might have caused you an inconvenience.. For example, did you know that when you buy a plane ticket and for whatever reason your flight does not depart, the carrier is obliged to reimburse the amount corresponding to taxes paid by you? And did you know that if the airline cancels your flight or does not allow you to board a flight due to overbooking, besides owing you a cash refund it must also provide you with food and drink and allow you to make two phone calls?

Rimborsoalvolo.it, with the assistance of his lawyers, and without any downpayment on your behalf, can get you the cash equivalent of the indemnity and/or refund that every passenger has a right to receive as a result of any inconvenience you may have suffered for which the airline carrier is responsible.