Get a free! easy! speedy! refund of up to € 600 if your flight is overbooked.

What is flight overbooking

Flight overbooking takes place when a passenger, having booked and purchased a valid air ticket, is not allowed to board the flight because it has been overbooked or there is no seat available and the airline is directly responsible for this situation.

Is a refund for overbooking due?

In the event of overbooking the passenger is always entitled to a refund. The overbooking refund amount varies between 250 and 600 Euro, depending on the flight route, and may be obtained for free! There is no instance when a passenger is not entitled to a refund, regardless of the justification produced by the airline. enables you to obtain your refund for flight overbooking at no cost: our fees, if any, will be paid by the airline.

What do I have to do to get my refund?

You must keep your ticket (the confirmation e-mail you've received from the airline is sufficient), any boarding passes you may have been given and all receipts.

How we can get you your overbooking refund takes the appropriate steps to obtain your overbooking refund pursuant to the provisions of the Charter of Passenger Rights along with any additional reimbursements for damages incurred (purchase of other airline tickets, overnight stays in hotels, etc.).


You want to claim your refund?

Get in touch with us right away, under no obligation, to enable us to assess your case and act promptly in order to obtain the refund you are legally entitled to.

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