Flight delays

When travelling by plane one can often be faced with delays in flight take-off times; whatever the reason, if flight departure is postponed for an unreasonable amount of time you may be entitled to a refund for flight delay.

What you should do

If you want to obtain your refund for the flight delay must be sure to keep all the documentation relating to the flight that was delayed: flight booking, ticket and boarding pass.

How we can help you obtain your delayed flight refund

Rimborsoalvolo.it can help you obtain what you are entitled to. The Charter of Passenger Rights and Montreal Convention have established the amount due for a delayed flight: with Rimborsoalvolo.it your rights are in safe hands.


Do you wish to claim your refund?

Get in touch with us right away, under no obligation, to enable us to assess your case and act promptly in order to obtain the refund you are legally entitled to.

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