An unpleasant surprise: your luggage is damaged

It can happen that when you collect your luggage you discover its been tampered with or damaged. If your luggage is damaged the airline is responsible and must reimburse the passenger the amount of damage incurred.

What you should do

To obtain your reimbursement for damaged luggage the first thing to do is to report it while still in the airport. It's also advisable to take a few photographs of the damaged luggage as proof of the damage suffered and in order to estimate the cost.

How we can help you get your damaged luggage refund

The Montreal Convention that establishes passenger rights, foresees a maximum reimbursement for damaged luggage of approximately 1100 €. To obtain the reimbursement for damaged luggage we can take steps to assert your rights and enable you to obtain your reimbursement.


Do you want to claim your refund?

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